Pekkton Course Essentials

Must Have !!

  1. Staining brushes and any accessories for  stain and glazing LISI PRESS UNITS
  2. Tweezers, diamond grips of choice.
  3. Diamond Disks ,grinding tools, rubber wheels of choice .
  4. Staining Tray and Ceramic Tray provided by GC America
  5. Composite tools of choice .
  6. Loupes
  7. Carbides for Pekkton ..See pics below !
  8. Diamond grips ..See pics below!
  9. Old tooth brush
  10. Any firing pegs
  11. Hair Dryer

Reccomened ( But not necessary !!)

  1. OptraSculpt Pad  (Click On Link On Highlighted Text)
  2. Compo Brush Flat Brush - Style Italiano - #4650-ANT (Click On Link On Highlighted Text)
  3. MPF Comp Tray (Click On Link On Highlighted Text)